Descends through the Maihue Lake Wetland towards the Calcurrupe River, to perform Bird Watching, identifying different species that inhabit the Native Forest and Destination Wetlands of Ranco Futrono Lake.
Price from: CLP $ 45,000 per person.
Departure times
– 07:00 to 01:30
– 15:30 to 19:30.

Duration: 4 hours
Start: From Cabañas Pewma (urban area)
– Shared transportation
– Professional guide
– Bird Observation Team
– Box Lunch.

What to bring:
Comfortable shoes, a hat for the sun, sunglasses, sunscreen and clothing according to the season of the year, a camera and a bottle of water.

Minimum age required of 3 years, not having any age limit, since this activity does not require any type of physical effort.

Capacity :
Maximum: 2 people
Minimum: 1 person

Carrying out this activity is subject to weather conditions.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy: 48 hours.

Bird Watching with Turismo Pewma Expeditions is an invitation to live an Experience of knowledge and Relaxation.
We approach from Cabañas Pewma Futrono in a 30-minute trip to Lake Maihue, where we start the tour. descending through the Maihue Lake Wetland towards the Calcurrupe River

Pewma Expeditions Tourism is the best option to discover and capture the Flora and Fauna that are immersed in Wetlands and Native Forest.
In Bird Watching, we will be able to observe different types of birds, Endemic to the Avi Fauna that surrounds us, species of Divers, Migratory and Stationary. It is an Experience that is carried out with Professional Guides.