Mountain hiking with sighting of waterfalls lagoons, native flora and fauna of the Valdivian jungle (ascents)

– Activity: Full Day
– Maximum Capacity: 7 People
– Minimum capacity: 3 People
– Difficulty level: Medium

Includes: Transportation, complete equipment, certified guide, food, photographs, safe videos (Entrance to the park).

Discover Biodiversity in the Pico Don Toribio Park
We will walk immersed in the Cordillera, towards the Mountain Massif of 1400 m.a.s.l., recognizing Endemic species of the Rain Forest with a predominance of Coihue, Lenga and fauna of the Undergrowth
We will approach from CabañasPewma in a trip of 4 km of distance and 20 minutes of trip to the town of Quimán Alto.
Where we will develop the activity of Hiking towards the Mountain Massif with a duration of 4 hours of ascent to the summit of rock formation, where we will be able to appreciate a privileged panoramic view towards the Destination of Lake Ranco, Futrono, Llifén, Cordón del Caulle, and the variety of Volcanoes immersed in the geo heritage of our Andes Mountains. Read more

Discover Volcanology in the Puyehue volcanic complex in the North Cordón del Caulle area.

¿What will we do?

We will walk immersed in the Andes Mountains, identifying the Surface Magmatic Activity, recognizing endemic species of the Native Forest, in our Pewma Expeditions Base Camp.
We will approach from the Pewma Expeditions Base Camp developing the Hiking activity towards the El Caulle mountain range, where we can enjoy different 360-degree viewpoints, offering a privileged view of the volcanoes and the Geo Heritage that surrounds us
Natural scenarios product of recent Volcanic Eruptions such as: Geyser, Sulfur, Fumaroles, Hot Springs, etc. Read more