Welcome to Cabañas Turismo Pewma

We invite you to unplug and relax in the small commune of Futrono in the Patagonia with our Cabins and Expeditions.. At only two blocks from the town center (Futrono), and 10 minutes from Lake Ranco, Cabañas Pewma’s log cabins are sure to delight with its careful native wood construction that will provide you with a homey and rustic feel. These eco-friendly cabins will ensure that you can rest with peace and tranquility, in a comfortable setting for a fresh natural experience that will surprise you.

 We have fully equipped cabins for friends, couples and families, using our up-to-date online hotel reservation system that counts with the Level 2 Sustainability Seal of Approval.

hotels in Futrono

The rustic style of our eco-friendly cabins have been built in lieu to our philosophies on conservation and re-use of natural resources, thus protecting our environment. With a Biomass (pellets) heating system, LED lighting, and solar panels to generate electricity and hot water, Cabaña Pewma cabins are a leading frontrunner in sustainable tourism that the industry strives for.  

A beautiful river is work of “THE NATURE” of life

A tour of the magic of the volcano route

Remember the beauty of life ‘look at the stars’ in the Ranco Lake Basin

Warmth and Sustainability

As a very active group that seeks to preserve the beauty of nature that surrounds us, Cabaña Pewma is committed to contribute through the environmental, economical, and social-cultural sectors in society, serving as an agent of constant development in Futrono.


Our cabin’s heating system counts with a renewable biomass system (pellet based boiler), reducing waste and ensuring no pollution. We also have photovoltaic panels that generate most of our facilities’ energy, thus allowing us to produce electricity without the need of emitting carbon dioxide into the air. 


 Pure water is heated with the Thermal solar energy system; heating the water using solar collector vacuum pipes to swiftly provide hot water with Heat Pipe technology.