Packraft expeditions
with Turismo Pewma

On this Expedition, Pewma Tourism invites you to experience the real adventure: Paddle your own raft through the fun fast lakes and lagoons. Camp on the banks of the river in the heart of the Valdivian jungle.

The development of this activity allows us to navigate freely through the different routes of our Destination. Developing the activity of Hiking and Packrafting through the different Water tributaries of our North Patagonia.

We load our raft (Packraft) in the backpack (it weighs 2 kilos) which allows us to carry out a safe Scouting by Land and Water.

Exploration and contemplation through the temperate and rainy forests of the Austral Andes in such spectacular places, of our packrafting routes, such as:

Ranco Lake – Pico Toribio Park Lagoon – Maihue Lake – Pocura Lagoon – Tritraye Lagoon – Calcurrupe River – Riñinahue River – Caunahue River – Nilahue River