Carbon footprint

What can we do?

• Enjoy discovering Futrono on foot or on bike. There are many attractions that do not require transportation by car, thus helping reduce CO2 emissions.
• In other cases, public transport is an economic and more eco-friendly alternative.
• Trips to the lake are much more enjoyable by foot.
• For the avid fishermen (or beginners), Cabañas Pewma has a Katarraf (inflatable fishing boat) to mitigate carbon footprint and reduce noise pollution to the lakes and rivers natural flora and fauna.

Biodiversity conservation

 Turismo Pewma is committed to the conservation of the natural environment, to harmonize it with local culture and communities.
We welcome you to visit our community to help preserve it for future generations.


 Futrono Gastronomy

Rango Lake


The following video shows our Mapuche artisan who makes excellent looms for decoration in Cabañas Pewma, her name Lorena Sepúlveda



Barbeque at Ojos del Huishue (Huishe’s eyes)



 “Whispering places: Secrets of Ranco”

Sustainability Policy

As a very active group that seeks to preserve the beauty of nature that surrounds us, Cabaña Pewma is committed to contribute through the environmental, economical, and social-cultural sectors in society, serving as an agent of constant development in Futrono. It is for this reason that we at Cabañas Pewma integrate our operations and activities to respect and take care of jobs in a sustainable manner. Within our main target areas are:

The Environment

• To promote and nurture the efficient use of resources in energy and water, thus lowering consumption and supporting sustainable practices.
• To minimize the generation of waste, and be part of responsible waste elimination and/or recycling processes.
• To promote the natural attractions in the commune and its surroundings.
• To recover knowledge sharing of local flora and fauna, by identifying and teaching of it to guests and the community (particularly in the identification of bird species).


• To reject in any shape and form the exploitation of people, especially sexual exploitation in children and adolescents. “Decálogo del Turista”
• To provide relevant, genuine, and updated information to tourists.
• To be an agent of change, aiding networks and key actors to connect with local businesses and entrepreneurs, with the aim of generating growth in the commune.


• To be just and fair to our suppliers.
• To stock up from local businesses that have sustainable business models/practices.
• To provide quality service.
• To generate transparency, trust, and responsibility in regards to the corporate with: providers, business partners, and local and international guests.
• To adhere to the principals of fair business, particularly in:
o Giving opportunities to disadvantaged producers.
o Practicing fair business.
o To employ fair payment.
o Having proper and good working conditions.
o Promoting fair business.
o Respecting nature and the environment.

Turismo Pewma invites you to discover:

The Responsibe Tourist Code

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